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  • Tyler W. Payne, E.A., NTPIF, assisted a physician who needed help after his unsuccessful attempt at filing his own return using Turbo Tax. He had received a notice from the IRS stating he owed the Federal government $113,000. I was able to amend his return and within 4 months he received a tax refund in the amount of $14,000. - (Anonymous, Jacksonville, FL.)
  • A married couple in their mid 60's had relied on unscrupulous financial planners. They were the victims of what is termed as a "Ponzi Scheme" - an investment that appears to be actually paying high returns by paying the supposed returns out of the victims' own capital. The couple handed over their entire life-savings of $250,000 to the fraudulent investor. Shortly thereafter, they received a notice from the IRS wanting $125,000 on their lost money! Tyler W. Payne, E.A., NTPIF, was able to amend their tax return within 30 days and it was settled as a loss, it was settled as a loss without paying any additional monies. - (Anonymous, Murphy, NC. and Jacksonville, FL.)
  • In a marriage dissolution settlement between a high school English teacher and her husband, a top ranking Naval command officer with the FBI. The divorce court ordered alimony of $36,000 be paid to the wife.. The husband only paid her $20,000, but he claimed the full $36,000 on his taxes. So the IRS went after the wife thinking she did not claim the full amount. Tyler W. Payne, E.A., NTPIF, used the Taxpayer Advocate Services (TAS), and additionally represented the wife through an appeals process. He successfully produced all records, bank statements, tax returns, and proof of income, resulting in winning her claim. - (Anonymous, Miami, FL., and Jacksonville, FL.)

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